The Ph.D. enrolment is through Bangalore University Entrance Examination as per UGC norms and the Institute encourages full time Ph.D. scholars with TEQIP scholarship of Rs. 18,000 p/m. More than 150 students are registered to the Ph.D. program. We are planning to double this number in the 12th five year plan and triple it by 13th five year plan. The institution has proposed four Centres of Excellence in the areas of:

  1. Disaster Mitigation and Management
  2. Signal Processing
  3. Emerging Materials
  4. Enhancement of Existing Centre of Excellence for Electromagnetic Compatibility and Power Quality

The recruitment of teaching faculty is planned to increase from 186 to 500 and  non-teaching technical staff from 150 to 350. Faculties and students are deputed for advance training program with foreign universities and R&D institutions by facilitating fellowships and encourage them to attend Faculty Development Programs, Workshops, Seminars, Conferences and Symposium. Improving collaborative activities by exchange programs to enhance interaction with Industries, R&D Institutions and Foreign Universities through MoU.

The college has an excellent Industry-Institution relationship with all the reputed global companies visiting the campus. Excellent technical training is provided in college to the students with regular mock aptitude tests, group discussions, soft skills, personality development and case studies are conducted to meet the expectations of the industry.

In view of Centenary celebration in 2017, the institute has planned to build the following buildings: Visvesvaraya Centenary Block, Mechanical Engineering Block, separate Hostel blocks for boys and girls, Open Air Theatre, Visvesvarya Metro Block, Civil Engineering Block, Architecture Block and refurbish the existing UVCE Heritage building.

Project target for the 12th and 13th five year plan (2012-2022) is as follows:

  1. Buildings – Mechanical Block, Visvesvaraya Centenary Block, Separate Hostel blocks for boys and girls, Open Air Theatre, Visvesvarya Metro Block, Civil Engineering Block, Architecture Block and refurbish the existing UVCE Heritage building.
  2. Increase in recruitment of faculties from 186 to 500 in 12th and 13th five year plan.
  3. Starting of 5 new UG, 23 PG, 5 PGDM and 50 Skill Development Programs.
  4. Increase in the number of Under graduates, Post graduates and Ph.Ds produced from the Institute (from 4000 to 8000).
  5. Scholarship to all meritorious, socially, economically challenged and differently abled students from 6 crores to 10 crores.
  6. Increase in employability rate of the students from 90 % to 100 %.
  7. Increase in the transition rate and pass percentage of weak students from 95% to 100%.
  8. Increase in MoUs with the Industry, R & D organization and leading Universities of the world from 42 to 120.
  9. Finishing school training to all the students.
  10. All Faculty and staff should undergo training in domain area, pedagogy, attend conference, symposium, soft skills and research.
  11. Increase in the number of faculty members involved in guiding Ph.D. Research scholars and encourage Interdisciplinary Research activities through Institution – Industry Interactions, collaboration with corporate, DRDO and foreign universities.
  12. Enhancing Research and Innovation in the institute by creating Centres of   Excellence in Disaster Mitigation and Management, Signal Processing and  Emerging Materials
  13. Increase in the number of research publications from 200 to 800 by the faculty and students.
  14. Incubation Centres in collaboration with Industries.
  15. Digital library, WiFi connectivity and unlimited internet facility in next year: 2014-15.